What Sets Us Apart

Our goal is to assist project management professionals excel in their careers. This includes not only Project Managers at every level, but also important and, at times, overlooked individuals who support project management activities as well as those who interact with Project Managers as part of their work.

Laszlo Retfalvi
Laszlo A. Retfalvi, P.Eng. PMP PMI-RMP
Retfalvi and Associates Inc.

Many organizations struggle to define the observable leadership behaviours that they expect from a Project Manager. As part of this struggle, individuals and groups who support Project Managers often end up not fully understanding what is expected of them or, for that matter, what’s expected of their Project Manager.

This disconnect in expectations greatly hampers project performance, creating team frustration and eroding trust and confidence. To help, we have developed a concise, consistent, and practical approach that can be easily implemented and embraced at both personal and organizational levels.

At the foundation is the Project Management Leadership Model©. Developed by Laszlo A. Retfalvi, the model is based on his extensive industry experience and provides a framework that helps individuals better understand and develop the critical skills they need to become what we refer to as outstanding Project Managers.

The Power of Project Management Leadership was written to fill a gap in the industry. Many Project Managers do not understand the important connection between being an effective Project Manager and being a respected leader. This book focuses on the necessary yet careful balance between the two in the project management environment.

In short, our mission is to help you and your team succeed.