• Learn. Lead. Succeed.

    It takes project management leadership to drive today’s complex projects.

  • Project Management Leadership

  • Understand. Assess. Improve.

    Master the critical skills needed to become an outstanding Project Manager.

  • Project Management Leadership

  • Review. Baseline. Optimize.

    Excel in your project management career.

  • Project Management Leadership

Project Management Leadership

Very few initiatives today are so simple that they require little or no project management to guide them along. Those days are behind us. Now it takes project management leadership to successfully drive today's aggressive and complex projects.

Mastering project management leadership is what makes a
Project Manager an outstanding Project Manager.

Perfect for all levels of project management practitioners, The Power of Project Management Leadership lays out critical groundwork for creating successful and outstanding Project Managers.

Based on extensive and practical industry experience, the Project Management Leadership Model© is used as a framework and guide to better understand and develop the critical skills needed to achieve this highly sought after level of project manager performance.

Written in an easy-to-understand, non-technical manner, it is a valuable addition to any Project Manager’s library.